Membership Training Vault

Our Membership Training Vault is exclusively for current PPS members to gain access to hours of digital training that is current, relevant, and actionable.

Our members have access to:

  • 5 Virtual Summits from 2017 to Present featuring over 30 speakers in quick, TED-style talks
  • A new monthly digital training, such as a Keynote from a recent conference, an author discussion for new pricing book releases, or a special member-only live training

If you are a current member, simply click on any of the material below to access your materials.  If you are not a member, join today.

Any questions? E-mail and we'll be happy to assist!

Course Details

Virtual Summits
2017 Virtual Summit
2018 Virtual Summit
2019 Virtual Summit
2020 Virtual Summit
2020 Pricing in a Crisis Virtual Summit
2020 European Virtual Summit
Monthly Digital Training
June 2020: Driving Ethics with Data in Pricing
July 2020: Applying 80/20 Pricing
August 2020: Pricing 2020: A Visionary’s Perspective on the Pricing Discipline
September 2020: Focusing on the Customer Experience Drives Sales and Margin Performance
October 2020: The Practitioner's Guide to Making Pricing Deliver
November 2020: Building a Winning Business Case for Your Pricing Initiative
December 2020: Digital Transformation
January 2021: Bridging the Gap between Sales and Pricing
March 2021: Commercial Policy and Pricing
April 2021: Subscription Pricing
May 2021: The Disruption Mindset
June 2021: The Forever Transaction
July 2021: Marketing and Value Creation
August 2021: Digital Transformation Continues
September 2021: What Does 'Value for Money' Mean for the Brain?
October 2021: Boost Your Profits by Implementing Good-Better-Best
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