Live Workshop - Behavioral Pricing: Shifting the Paradigm from 'Value-Based Pricing' to Leveraging 'Behavioral Economics' in B2C and B2B Pricing with Florian Bauer, May 11-12, 2021

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May 11-12, 2021
12:00p-4:00p EDT

The value-based pricing model as well as the respective tools like conjoint analysis are still building on the assumption that customers behave like the famous 'Homo economicus' - perfectly informed selfish and rational decision makers with stable preferences. In other words, value-based pricing is leaving significant margins on the table, as it is not really capturing the psycho-logics and predictable mistakes in human purchase decisions. 

Behavioral Pricing is equally well equipped to develop an optimal pricing strategy as it is to provide appropriate tools to actually execute it. Besides helping to design more profitable pricing strategies, it will also help to minimize the famous clash between pricing and sales when strategy hits practice at the end of the day. 

Attendees will learn:

  • What practical implications 'Behavioral Economics' has for pricing and sales
  • How to develop smarter pricing strategies 
  • How this translates into significantly higher conversion rates and margins in B2C as well as B2B 


Florian Bauer, Ph.D., co-founded Vocatus AG in 1999 in Munich, an internationally operating pricing consulting company. Since then, he and his team focused on systematically translating Behavioral Economics insights into a completely new pricing framework that proved to be superior to classic approaches in several hundred pricing and sales projects around the globe. Besides his consulting engagements, he is an honorary professor at the Technical University of Munich. Florian studied Psychology and Economics at the Technical University in Darmstadt, at MIT, and at Harvard University. 

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