Live Workshop - Use Psychology to Improve Your Product Offerings, Price Realization, and Sales Effectiveness with Pete Morelli & Chris Michaud, May 11-12, 2021

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May 11-12, 2021
12:00p-4:00p EDT

In business and day to day life, the profile of behavioral economics is rising. Look no further than your home bookshelf, podcast feed, and even your local grocery store to find evidence of these concepts in your life. Nobel laureate Dan Kahneman  and collaborator Amos Tversky built a research base that others like Dan Ariely, Stephen Dubner, and Steven Levitt have helped popularize. This workshop will cover how many of these psychology-based principles and tricks can be applied to your B2C and B2B businesses to present better product offerings, and sell more effectively. Content will include both presented material and interactive participation and exercises. 

Attendees will learn:

  • How to identify business situations where human decision making might be influenced by psychological factors
  • What research tells us about human responses that may seem counter intuitive or irrational 
  • How to apply behavioral economics and psychology principles in your business or role to grow revenue 


Pete Morelli is a Consulting Manager with Simon-Kucher & Partners. His areas of expertise include strategic pricing, data analytics with storytelling, negotiation, market research, and process improvement. Pete earned his B.A. in Economics from Colby College and MBA in Pricing from Simon Business School. 

Chris Michaud is Senior Director, Simon-Kucher & Partners. He is an expert in leading initiatives to drive profitable revenue through innovative strategy, talent optimization, and business/technology process transformation across Commercial, Marketing, Finance, and Operation functions. Chris earned his Bachelor's in Finance from Butler University. 

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Use Psychology to Improve Your Product Offerings, Price Realization, and Sales Effectiveness
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