Pricing and the C-Suite - Stephan Liozu

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Pricing is still an organizational “orphan”. Only 5% of Fortune 500 companies have dedicated pricing team. In many firms pricing responsibilities are fragmented, reduced to margins management and severely informal. Despite being considered as a strong level of profitability by consultants and marketing scholars, pricing, as a management practice and as a science, still suffers from a lack of awareness in the C-suite. Many top executives sometimes get involved in pricing activities and discussions. But they do not embrace pricing as a function requiring significant leadership attention, on-going investments and considerable change management efforts. So how do we raise the awareness of pricing in the organization, get CEO and the C-suite attention and enroll these top executives in the large-scale transformation pricing projects?

This unique Online Course will explore results of the survey conducted in 2011 with 557 CEO’s and business owners from around the world. These results will show what these leaders pay attention to, what might distract their attention span when they do pay some attention and what resonates with them. Practical steps to increase awareness of pricing in the C-suite will be introduced and discussed. This Online Course offers a CEO’s view on pricing and on how to create positive “noise” in firms for the pricing function.

Attendees will learn:

What CEO’s and C-suite executives pay attention to and how they operate

The positive impact that CEO championing of pricing can have on firm performance

Specific and practical steps to raise pricing awareness in firms

Practical recommendations on how to justify investments in pricing in front of the C-Suite


Duration: 168 minutes

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