CPP Edition 3 - Version B (Retired Edition)

Welcome to your CPP Exam.  Please read these instructions to avoid confusion.

Each of the 11 study modules includes a presentation video to teach the material that will be covered on the exam.  You have 4 months to study these materials and then take your exam.

Your exam contains 100 multiple-choice questions.  You must get at least 70 correct to pass and earn the CPP designation.

Once you begin, you may not exit.  This exam is timed at 4 hours, so please do not start until you are prepared.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 770-509-9933. 

Best of luck on your CPP exam, and once finished and passed, please follow the instructions at the end so we can gather your information to mail your CPP Certificate and add you as an Alumni to our database and private LinkedIn group!

Course Details

Study Materials
Study Guide
Module 1: Boundaries of a Good Price
Module 1 Review
Module 2: Profit's Sensitivity to Price
Module 2 Review
Module 3: Customer Perception-Driven Pricing
Module 3 Review
Module 4: Price Relative to Value
Module 4 Review
Module 5: Psychological Influences on Price Sensitivity
Module 5 Review
Module 6: Price Segmentation
Module 6 Review
Module 7: Price Promotions
Module 7 Review
Module 8: Discount Management
Module 8 Review
Module 9: Competition and Pricing
Module 9 Review
Module 10: Cross-Regional Pricing
Module 10 Review
Module 11: Pricing Implementation and Organization
Module 11 Review
CPP Exam04:00:00
CPP Exam 04:00:00
Post-Exam Instructions
Post-Exam Instructions
CPP Alumni Survey
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